Julie’s Greenroom is a TREASURE

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If you haven’t yet checked out Julie’s Greenroom on Netflix, RUN, don’t walk and turn it on NOW. If there ever was a female role model who is strong, poised, talented, intelligent, eloquent and can own the attention of any room she’s in (even if she’s not actually physically in it), that woman is Julie Andrews!download

Julie’s Greenroom is a show about theatre and creativity and freedom of expression. It seeks to teach kids that the theatre “does not discriminate” and offers something for every person: from the musical to the technical. The theatre is a place of magic and wonder and freedom to be whoever we want to be, and Julie Andrews is there to help us spread the word to our kids!

Julie Andrews is joined by a cast of puppets built by the Jim Henson Company as well as some incredible guest stars in this wonderful educational series. Each episode revolves around a different area of the performing arts (dance, music, writing, tech, etc.), as presented by and featuring some big name stars (from Idina Menzel to Alec Baldwin and Carol Burnett!) and each includes an original song.

It is my NEW favourite show, and I LOVE that my daughter is as in love with it as I am. Like I said- RUN, don’t walk!

You can check out the official trailer below!

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