A Rockin’ Piece of Rock ‘N’ Roll History: Million Dollar Quartet

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This past Wednesday night, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing the opening night of Million Dollar Quartet  at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts. I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY!

This Tony Award-Winning musical is inspired by the incredible true events of December 4, 1956, when Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll”, brought together 4 music giants (Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Elvis Presley) for one of the greatest impromptu recording sessions of all time.

I have to say that when I first heard about this show, I was curious, but not overwhelmingly excited about it. I went in expecting it to be a fun show, but what I saw and experienced was beyond anything I could have imagined! I was dancing in my seat (and sometimes out of it) for the entire hour and forty-five minute run-time.

This is one of the most talented and energetic casts I have ever seen in any show anywhere (and those who know me know that I LOVE the theatre and live performance). The four leads so perfectly embody the characters they portray that I found myself forgetting that I wasn’t actually at a concert, but watching musical theatre. Sky Seals, who plays Johnny Cash, looks, acts and sounds the part so much so that his performance in the role (in a Miami production) has been praised by the Cash family themselves! Edward Murphy’s performance as Carl Perkins feels so genuine and authentic that it’s difficult to believe that he’s a newcomer to the world of theatre. George Krissa stole my heart with his elusively wistful and sweet young Elvis. More than that- watching Christo Graham play the piano while embodying the feisty, fiery and flamboyant Lewis is nothing short of mesmerizingly magical! I would see this show over and over again just to watch his performance!


The music is loud and heart pumping- exactly the way that it should be. The set is homey and nostalgic- exactly the way it should be. The combined talent of director Lisa Rubin and musical director David Terriault is nothing short of brilliant!

As a parent, I would LOVE to take my daughter to see this show. Yes, she is only 5, so the story may be beyond her, but the music is so much fun that I know she would love it. There were some kids in the audience with me- around 10 years old. I can say that it is relatively family friendly. The very few references to “adult themes” are so veiled and fleeting and treated with such light-heartedness that I wouldn’t hesitate to bring a kid along. There is very mild use of alcohol (in flasks, without any reference to what they’re drinking or as a toast in shot glasses) and prop cigarettes, so that may be a flag for some parents out there, but- hey- it’s a show about the kings of modern popular music, rock and rockabilly, right?!



If you have ANY interest in seeing this show, GO BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW, Montreal! I am certain that this one will be selling out every single night  (they’re already getting low!) because it is dazzling and so so so much fun!


Million Dollar Quartet will be running through May 14th at the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts. Tickets are available here.

By popular demand, the show has been extended with 6 performances at Place des Arts from May 17 through May 21st.



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