Our 1st Family Circus Experience with Shrine Circus

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Last Thursday — as you may know from some of my social media sharing and last week’s post – my family got the VIP treatment for my daughter’s first time at the circus thanks to the Shrine Circus. Oh, and when I say VIP, I mean we enjoyed a circus experience that was unforgettable!With the Ringmaster and RingmistressOur evening began with a backstage tour with husband-wife duo, Ringmaster, Richard Curtis, and Kimberly Zerbini (who is 10th family generation in the circus!!!). We got to see the elephants having their pre-show baths (a HUGE highlight for this elephant lover), got up close and personal with some of the beautiful Arabian horses, learned all about the manpower that goes behind every leg of the tour, what it takes to put on each and every show, and tons more.

Face painting



Before the show, my daughter had the excitement of getting her face painted for the very first time!




AND we got to watch some of the bigger kids ride the elephants (lucky kids!)!

Elephant RidesThen the spectacle began…

The Ringmaster














ElephantAnd then this happened…

One of the clowns

Yup- my husband got pulled into the ring to dance a little ditty (or two) with the clowns! (He was a really good sport considering he was barely willing to even dance at his own wedding!!!)


My daughter’s eyes were wide open and her mouth agape for the duration of the show. I was worried initially about whether she would have the attention span at under 3 years-old to sit and watch for very long, but the show was so spectacular that she actually sat through the ENTIRE THING in amazement!

It was really a fantastic night and one we won’t soon forget.

With the clown

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You can also purchase your tickets at www.shrine-circus.com- use promo code “FUN” for 2-for-1 pricing on tickets!

Thank you so much again to the Shrine Circus family for our first family circus experience!


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