Any Time is Family Time with Netflix (and a giveaway!)

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“My kids will never have screen time.” Be honest- before we became parents, we told ourself a lot of things. The reality is that life with kids isn’t always easy or perfect. It’s not as simple as we once imagined. Still- we’d never trade it for anything. The key is finding what works for our own families. As long as everyone is healthy, happy and (relatively) well-adjusted, then who cares about those hard-and-fast rules we once imagined would be part of our lives? 

Screen time is part of the world we live in. It’s something we have to plan for as parents. The point is that it can be a tool to help make our lives easier and/or more enjoyable and pleasant. It doesn’t have to be the be-all and end-all of every day. 

Netflix has been a wonderful friend in our family. It’s a treat for our family. My kids know it’s something special when they get to sit down and pick a show or movie to watch. It’s even more special when we get to share it together. 

Ever since the first binge 4 years ago, parents and kids have been able to define their TV schedules on their own terms. Thanks to Netflix, cartoons aren’t just for Saturday mornings, and Friday isn’t the only family movie night. Families are watching when and where works best for them. 


We don’t have a regular schedule for screen time in our house. That’s the beauty of having Netflix on our side. The titles we want to watch are always at our fingertips- whenever we’re ready for them. On a rainy weekday, when it’s too wet to play outside, we can all catch a quick episode of Peppa Pig before sitting down together for supper. On nights when I’m in rehearsals for a show or performing, my hubby can binge the newest season of House of Cards. When he’s out playing softball, I can’t wait to indulge with my besties from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. We all love that we can sit down and enjoy a movie night together whenever we want! Any time can be family time!

I’m curious what your home viewing schedule is like? Do you have one? Do you just enjoy the convenience of at-your-fingertips bingeing like we do? Let’s chat in the comments below!

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