Book Review: Curious Critters Volume Two

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Curious Critters Volume Two

Curious Critters Volume Two; Author/Photographer: David FitzSimmons; Publisher: Wild Iris Publishing, February 2014 [Children 2-8]



Curious Critters Volume Two is the follow up children’s book to the award-winning Curious Critters picture book from author and photographer David FitzSimmons.

Geometer Moth

Geometer Moth

Rather than that seeking rare animals in exotic locations, David photographs common animals (even some you might find in your own backyard) against plain, white backgrounds to produce detailed close-up images that are incredible and so eye-catching for kids and adults, alike. His approach allows the animals’ colours, textures, and “personalities” shine through because there is no “distraction” in the frame or the background. “Kids focus on the animals. That’s when the learning begins,” according to David. “The focus on and notice clues about the animals’ behaviours, diets, life cycles, and habitats.”

Eastern Cottontail

Aside from the amazing photos, each of the 20 featured animals has a featured story. The favourite in our home (for obvious reasons) are the fluffy and adorable Eastern cottontails! I’m sure one day, my daughter will also appreciate and giggle at the conversation these cute critters are having about coprophagy (aka eating their own poop).

You mean we eat own own… feces?!
Feces? What are feces?
You know… poop.
Who said that?
I did. That’s what I heard.
Yep. By eating grasses twice, we get more nutrients the second time through. All rabbits do it. What’s wrong with that?

Curious Critters Volume Two is filled with other beautiful and fascinating animals, including a gorgeous monarch butterfly (a pilot), a buccaneer bluegill (a pirate), an armadillo ( who speaks spanish), and many more! Prior to composing the vignettes featured along with the photographs, FitzSimmons reviewed national science education standards, and as such the book meets all National Research Council life science standards for grades K-6!

Curious Critters Natural History

Finally, FitzSimmons also inserted a natural history for each Critter  and a two-page spread of life-sized silhouettes where readers are asked to identify the animals, find one who shape has changed, test geometry skills by looking for reversed silhouettes, and other activities.

This book is entertaining and educational and absolutely beautiful to look at. When it arrived, I showed it to a co-worker and he was so excited about it that he immediately asked where he could buy one for his daughters.  I brought it home, and my husband immediately popped it open because of the fascinating cover photography. I highly recommend this book for any household with their own Curious Critters who would love to look at these pictures and learn more about some pretty cool animals!

The books are available in stores, online, and when purchased through Wild Iris Publishing, are signed and dedicated by the author!

Note: I received an Advance Copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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